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Tesla Owners New England


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New Owner Info

Welcome new owners (and anyone/everyone else) interested in learning from experienced Tesla owners.
We've created this page to help new owners & to educate those interested in finding out more about owning a Tesla vehicle.
If you can't find an answer to your question(s) here, please email us .
We welcome any and all questions and are here to help.
We offer New Owner all the help they person or online.
We welcome all questions and try to respond quickly.

Would you like a (virtual) one-on-one session with an experienced owner?
Our Contact Us page has a few options to request a meeting. 

To become a member, send us your name, email and (optional) phone. Become a member

New Owner On-Boarding Events

For New Owners, EVERY event TONE holds are events where experienced owners come out to offer their time and expertise to help new owners.  The help can come in the form of answering questions, or sitting in the new owner's Tesla & walking them through setting up or customizing various settings or features.

There are typically two types of events....
Charger Chats, where we hang out at a SuperCharger or meeting place.
Drives, where we meet somewhere and drive to a destination.

If you want to get some Q&A time in with existing clubs members, come to one of our events.
(just remember, for our drives, you should be there early to chat, as the goal is to meet & then drive to a destination)
Check out our Event Calendar to find our next one.

TONE Members Guides

Different members of TONE have put together some PDFs, and web pages to help folks get started with EV ownership.

Rich Jordan (President of Tesla Owners Club Connecticut) has a lot of tips & tricks for new Tesla owners.
New Owner Tips & Tricks

David C. put together a couple of PDFs for new owners here:

New Owner Model 3 Handout
New Owner Model Y Handout
New Owner Model S Handout
New Owner Model X Handout

New Owner Quickstart Guide

Mark G. put together a long post about things you need to prep your home for charging an EV (not just a Tesla), as well as a few other things.

Mike S, one of our members, wanted to share aftermarket items he purchased for his Model Y.
Mike has purchased everything listed here, except for the two-level Frunk organizer (but thought it was cool).
Some of his opinions as well....Hopefully, this gives you a few ideas!

Penny, one of our members, wanted to share an product she found, which is pretty cool.
This is a "table" that is placed on your center console, and provides a tray above it.
Easily removed, easily put back on.  Check out the link here to the Amazon page for this item.

Paul B. has a great write-up of charging on the road WITHOUT supercharging, during his Sept 2020 Mount Washington, NH road trip. 

Tesla - Buying & Taking Delivery in the USA

The experience for everyone buying a Tesla starts online.
Create yourself a new Tesla account on Tesla's main page.
Once created and logged in, pick & choose your Tesla car.
Put your deposit down, and you are done.

Taking delivery will require some paperwork, but with Tesla, it will be all online. 
You'll notice you can't complete all the paperwork all at once, but depending on cash/loan/lease and what state you live in, the rules can be different.

One thing that is absolutely different is that each state has rules/laws in place that differ.
Some states allow for showrooms & direct sales, while others do not, & finally, some have rules only for Tesla.
This wikipedia page is trying to keep track of the nuances for each state.
This article from ArsTechnica from June 22, 2021 goes over some of the nuances as well.

Why is it illegal to buy a car from a manufacturer?
This 13-minute YouTube video gets into the (high-level) history of how Car Dealerships were formed.
You can form your own opinion about these laws after watching yourself....
Couple of items from this that I found interesting?....
At 3:57, there is a car ad on the wall, showing 41.57 MPG.....Never knew that we went backwards with mileage....
At 8:29, they get into some dealership stats....
In 2020, ~17,000 USA dealerships sold 14,500,000 light duty vehicles.
In 2020, those same dealerships sold $11,000,000,000 in services on 265,000,000 service tickets.

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An official club as of 3/3/2022

Thanks for the Support!!!
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