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New England Clean Energy

Given that clean alternative fuel sources is something many Tesla Owners champion, we here at TONE will do our best to add as MUCH information as possible here, and link to sites appropriately.

Police Departments & Teslas

This is linked to our own collection of links showing Police Departments who got their first Tesla.

Clean Cities Coalition Network

First brought to TONE's attention from NH Department of Environmental Services, this is a national site.
Visit the Clean Cities Coalition Network, and select YOUR state.

Green Energy Times

A publication (newspaper) from VT, that gets circulation in VT, and some of NH and NY.
Visit the Green Energy Times here

National Drive Electric Week

Lots of local events happening with all sorts of clubs.
This one covers a lot of the USA.
Check them out on their homepage, enter your zip code, and see what else is going on locally (or where ever you may roam).

New Hampshire - Law Passed to allow Direct Sales

Since this was published sometime in 2013, it would be great if there was a place where Teslas can be sold/delivered in NH!!!

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